Fourteen funny verses
Story book
Fourteen funny verses
Story book and first in a box set.

All the above books are written by me, Jo Burke and illustrated, using watercolour, by my husband Phillip Price.

“I wanted to create classic children’s books full of love, wit and charm. I love going into schools and inspiring children to read books, write, and be creative. My characters, verses and stories are unique and will bring a smile to your face whilst celebrating inclusivity and diversity.”  

Our unique books and gifts are eco-friendly (no mass printing or production, even our gift-wrap can be used as drawing/writing paper!) importantly they are not gender-specific. Created by us and exclusively available from us. 


Perfect to 'pop in the post' to your special little people. Your books will arrive: 

Signed by both author and illustrator.

With optional handwritten note on the inside page.

Gift-wrapped in white paper to re-use for drawing/writing.

Inclusive of UK delivery.

Visit virtual Custard HQ for FREE colouring templates and to browse our books and gifts. 


We'd love to meet you in the real world at: 

Custard HQ, 42 The Old High Street, Folkestone CT20 1RN

Want to see inside the books?

Click on excerpts of each book below to see me, at Custard HQ, flipping through my books. 

Just like you would if you were there too.

Excerpt from 'A Squirrel's Tail'

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 16.43.57.png

One of fourteen funny verses from 'Standing on Custard'

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 16.52.03.png

One of fourteen funny verses from 'Cocka-Poodle-Do'

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 16.48.46.png

Excerpt from 'Molly, Chip and the Chair'

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 16.54.46.png

Below is a FREE reading of 'A Squirrel's Tail'

A Squirrel's Tail - author reading

A Squirrel's Tail - author reading

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I am an author, actor and comedian. My debut comedy book 'iScream' reached No.17 on Amazon and continues to receive five-star reviews. I wrote, produced and performed five, four-star, Edinburgh Festival shows  and was a “So You Think That’s Funny?” finalist. In 2020 I created a FREE podcast Real Folk with Jo Burke.  I regularly run creative writing and confidence workshops for adults too.  

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