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Download or Pre-order 'A Squirrel's Tail'

It's virtually here! Apologies for the terrible pun. We are delighted to announce that you can now download our second book 'A Squirrel's Tail' from the iBook Store for £4.99.

'A Squirrel’s Tail' is a beautifully illustrated picture book that introduces Sheridan Squirrel who, despite being born without a tail, overcomes adversity with wit, charm, ingenuity and, of course, a little help from his best friend Paloma Pigeon.

As with all our books there is a Quick Quiz at the back to keep you busy too.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Sheridan Squirrel and his best friend Paloma Pigeon. The paperback version is available to pre-order via our online store for £12.99 including UK P&P.

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