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A Christmas Custard

With just 20 days until Santa arrives it's been all go at Custard Towers. I've had a meeting with Santa and he's absolutely fallen in love with our books. He thinks children everywhere should have them on their bookshelves.

As a special Christmas treat we are offering any one of our beautiful books with an A4 digital print of your choice for just £20 including p&p. Perfect for you and your little loved ones to enjoy for years to come. Visit our online shop to place your order.

At our Greenwich Market HQ I was asked to lead all the children at the Lantern and Lights Up Parade in singing some Christmas songs. Huge fun and, as you can see, such a wonderful atmosphere.

Do come along to our Greenwich Market HQ this weekend Sat 9th and Sun 10th December for signed books. In fact come and do all your Christmas shopping. Look at all the amazing, unique and handcrafted gifts that are waiting for you. Stay for lunch the food there is delicious too.

We look forward to seeing you.

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