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'A magical world of wonders'

'A magical world of wonders' what an absolutely amazing review of our pop up gallery in Folkestone. Meet Ursula who popped in to our pop up. She is a fellow bookworm, writer and artist. We love her interpretation of our Fat Cat. Take a look at what else her mum had to say below:

Huge thanks to both Ursula and her mum for sending in the lovely photo and review. It makes our day when we hear from budding authors and artists, so do keep sending your photos and clips via our website or via social media. Speaking of photos, here are a few of our favourites from our Folkestone adventure:

Thank you to everyone that popped in to see us. It was such a pleasure to meet you all.

We also took part in Folkestone's 'Look for a Book' initiative too. Such a brilliant idea, making books little treasures for children to find, read, then hide again for someone else. You can't do that with an iPad. Books are made for sharing and here I am (below) hiding 'Molly, Chip and Chair' and 'A Squirrel's Tail' in the Lower Leas Coastal Park.

A few days before we set off for Folkestone, I had the pleasure of visiting 'The Wheelie Gang' set up by Emma Russell, as seen on BBC News

I was delighted to be invited to spend some time with Emma at her groundbreaking club. I met the whole gang, volunteers, parents and children. I read them the first chapter of Molly, Chip and the Chair before they dashed off to play basketball. The Wheelie Gang now have a signed set of all our books to share.

Emma's daughter Evie (below, at the front), is the same age as Molly and just like Molly, Evie can also do wheelies in her chair too!

Emma set up this much loved and needed club to help local children who use wheelchairs (and their siblings), socialise, play sport and make arts and crafts together in a wheelchair friendly environment.

They rely on donations so if you would like to support them or join in the fun you can donate and find out more via their website.

As you know, I am currently working on the second Molly adventure so keep your eyes peeled. Ooh and a little reminder that Cocka-Poodle-Do officially launches on October 20th but you can pre-order now.

We hope to be back in Folkestone soon. In the meantime, as always, you can find us at beautiful Greenwich Market most weekends and can order online anytime.

If you would like me to visit your school or group, please contact me here with your requirements and I will email you the booking form.

We are able to continue to produce our unique books because of your amazing reviews, photos and all round awesomeness. So thank you again for spreading the love, about our words and art. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jo & Phil

Custard Towers

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