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Unique new gifts, book 'flip throughs' & FREE podcast

Well hello there. Long time no blog. It's not like I had an excuse or anything. Like say, a pandemic shutting everything down, including our beloved Custard HQ... but HOORAY! We're still here and being creative. I wanted to share with you what we've been up to...but first a little reminder.

'Perfect to pop in the post' to special little people

Our unique books and gifts are eco-friendly (not mass printed or produced, even our new white gift-wrap can be re-used as drawing/writing paper) and importantly they are not gender-specific. Perfect for 'popping in the post' to your special little people.

The books will arrive at your favourite miniature persons door:

  • Signed by both author and illustrator.

  • With optional handwritten note on the inside page.

  • Gift-wrapped in white paper to re-use for drawing/writing .

  • Inclusive of UK delivery.

Everything you see on our website and at Custard HQ is created by us and available exclusively from us. So if you are looking for something fresh and original as a gift, you've found it!

Exciting new gifts

During lockdown I decided to dabble in making mugs and (eco-friendly) hot/cold water bottles with our stunning, watercolour, characters on. I'm rather pleased with the results and hope you love them too.

I hand-press each one and have only burnt myself twice, so far.

Book 'Flip Throughs'

It always niggled me that if you order our stunning books online, you don't get to experience flipping through them and finding out about each book, as you would at Custard HQ. Two bothersome things I've solved during lockdown:

1) I have made a short clip of me flipping through each book at Custard HQ, just like you would if you were there too. Below is the one for 'A Squirrel's Tail'.

You can view my other book 'flip throughs' via our online shop.

2) I have added a 'chat' facility to the website.

If you have any questions you can drop us a quick message, and provided we are not eating, sleeping or on the loo, we will respond.

Do have a nose around the online shop and check out the new gifts and clips. I am working on some other new ideas too.

Custard Competition Winners

Back in May I set up an art and poetry competition to help keep the little ones busy. Take a look at our super talented winners collecting their prizes at Custard HQ in June:

Each winner received a signed book of their choice, a Custard HQ Certificate and most importantly had their wonderful work on display at Custard HQ for two weeks. As you can see 'behind them' in true pantomime style, they all did an amazing job.

FREE podcast - Real Folk with Jo Burke

My latest creation has something for everyone. Check out my brand new, FREE podcast, available on all your favourite players. It's called 'Real Folk with Jo Burke' inspiring stories from ordinary people. I wanted to create something positive, easily accessible and free, to help prove that life is good. I record as many as I can at Custard HQ in Folkestone. There are nine episodes, so far, from some amazing people you've, probably, never heard of.

Guests include actors, adventurers, comedians, dancers, artists, singers, filmmakers, foster carers, authors, entrepreneurs, linguists and more.  Who would we be without our stories? Sharing, listening and learning about our experiences is the essence of being human.

We've been bombarded with negativity and celebrity in the media for too long. There are good things happening aplenty and you do not have to be famous to be interesting.

I don't mind admitting it brought a tear to my eye when it was described as 'a virtual hug'. That's exactly what I wanted it to be. During these socially distant times it's so important to feel 'connected' especially when we can't be physically.

Have a listen to the two minute taster and warm your cockles.

It's already got five star reviews coming in. Whoop whoop!

Reviews, recommendations and shares

Talking about reviews, if you have purchased any of our books and gifts, online/ in person or listened to the podcast. Please do leave a review on Facebook, Instagram, Apple or drop a personal message via the contact form on the website.

Reviews, personal recommendations and shares, are a lifeline for small family businesses, like us, struggling to survive during this tricky old time. We do not have a marketing team. Unless by marketing team you mean me, Phil and Sky! We love what we do and hope you do to.


Keep reading, learning, teaching, being creative and kind. It's even more necessary than ever before.

Much love

Jo, Phil, and Sky (aka Jelly Dog)

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