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FREE zoom reading sessions

I always start my author school visits by telling the children how I struggled with words. I was not a natural when it came to reading and writing. I found learning to read incredibly difficult. I was so behind, I had to have extra lessons. With lots of encouragement and some one to one time, I finally got the hang of it. Once all those letters made sense, I was off! I fell in love with reading and writing and it became a lifelong passion.

For this reason I would love to give a little one, aged 5-7, a helping hand to fall in love with words. I am offering 4 x 30 minute online (via Zoom) reading sessions. One session per week at a mutually convenient time/day.

To apply use the contact form on the website. Please type: HELP in the subject box and in the message box tell me a bit about your little one and why you would like these sessions. The closing time and date is midday Monday 11th July. NB: These sessions will not follow any curriculum and are offered solely as a unique additional resource. I will be using my books as learning tools.

The successful family will be contacted by Friday 15th July to organise the sessions. Please do share this post with anyone you think might benefit.

I am currently writing my sixth children's book. I've had the title and story, which I love, floating around in my head for a few years. I am so excited to get it over the finish line. Current publication estimate is October.

Below is proof that nothing worthwhile is easy!

You can find Phil and I at Custard HQ weekends 10-4pm alternatively order online anytime.

Big love from Custard HQ

Jo, Phil, Sky, Jasper & Custard Bear

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