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Teaching success in Germany

It is always lovely to hear fabulous feedback about my books from schools. So you can imagine how absolutely delighted I was to receive photos and notes from a teacher in Verden, Germany.

Alice read 'A Squirrel's Tail' with her second and fourth grade classes. Proving that the message Sheridan delivers can be heard and should be heard, loud and clear, in every school in every country.

Below are their notes on the lessons they learned from Sheridan Squirrel and his best friend Paloma Pigeon:

What we learned:

It doesn't matter how I look or if I am different or disabled, I can be a best friend for you.

It doesn't matter if someone else is different or disabled. Everybody can be a best friend.

Everybody needs a best friend at their side.

Friends can help each other with good ideas.

Squirrels need a tail for keeping warm.

Friends keep you warm!

Squirrels need their tails for balance and jumping.

It hurts so much if the others laugh about you (NO ONE does in my classes!!!)

​ Looks like they tried to make Sheridan a new tail too...

...this made my day and filled me with so much joy, such amazing children. Huge thanks to their wonderful teacher for getting in touch. Knowing that so many children all over the world are learning about acceptance, love, friendship, inclusivity and diversity from my work is a dream come true.

Phillip Price who illustrates my books was impressed with the children's art and said "It's great to see children being creative. Drawing, painting, sculpting are all fantastic ways to express yourself. Keep it up!"

My personal favourite quote from 'A Squirrel's Tail' is Paloma Pigeon's advice to Sheridan: “Oh Sheridan, never try to be like other squirrels. Just be the best you. That’s something no one else can do.”

A new book, this time a chapter book, called 'Molly, Chip and the Chair' will be released in the Spring. For more information on my books or school visits please email me by clicking the 'contact' tab above.

What an incredible start to 2018. Here's to a phenomenal year for everyone. I will be back signing books at beautiful Greenwich Market in February and of course you can order online anytime.

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