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How to self-publish

Want to write and publish your own book? Of course you do everyone does. Don't they? They say everyone has a book in them but so few manage to get their book out. I totally understand why, it can be a daunting task.

Over the last year I've been asked, on countless occasions, how I did it. Unfortunately this question comes inevitably whilst I am in the middle of selling, signing, writing or marketing my books. This means I rarely get the chance to give a full and helpful response.

So I put my thinking cap on to work out how I could help anyone wishing to write a book and self-publish.

Hmmm... an online guide - BINGO!

Let's not forget TA DA!

Introducing my new online guide to creative writing and self-publishing: BookWise

'My Top Writing Tips' are FREE!

Click on the image above to download

It's taken many years to gain all the experience and information I share in this online guide. My aim is to help new writers and self-publishers as much as possible. Most importantly I want to ensure you do not to make the same mistakes I did and can make informed decisions from the outset.

You'll find the answers to many of the questions you will have about self-publishing all in one place. It will also inspire your creative writing with ideas and handy tips. The most important of which is saying: 'I am GOING to write a book.'

So if you are thinking about writing a book or have written a book and want to know how to self-publish, then the BookWise guide is for you. Or indeed for you to share with anyone you know with those ambitions.

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